New York City Hall Elopement with Jon and Liz

I’ve known John for about 5 years and seen him through ups and down. I was so happy when he met Liz and started their whirlwind romance. The met. They fell in love. They eloped. It was an honor be asked to come to New York and document their marriage at New York City Hall. We scooted over to Central Park, Pop Burger, and then back on the subway. It was an awesome experience that I’ll never forget.

From Jon…
“My wife and met about 2 years ago at a gathering for a mutual friend. What was interesting to both of us was the fact that we both knew everyone else at the gathering, but we did not know each other. Same group of friends, same interests, GREAT START! We kept in touch for some time afterwards and happened to run into each other a few months later, due to the same mutual friend coming back into town. From that point on, we knew that we were destined to be with each other. After an amazing few weeks of dating and an excursion through Western Europe, we came back with the decision to get married. Yes… after only 3 months of dating we decided to get married. Within 6 months, we found ourselves dressed up and standing in front of New York’s City Hall to dedicate our lives to one another. Why did we elope? This was a special moment for both of us. After both of us coming from relationships in the past that did not stand the test of time, we were happy to find each other and start our lives the way WE wanted. So dressed up, with an amazing photographer, we set off on a journey around our favorite city, New York, and took the whole town by storm. Taxis, street food, champage in the streets, boat rides in the park, we did it all. The day was special, something that we fondly look back on every day to renew our love for each other.”

Just married at New York City Hall

Wedding day portrait at New York City Hall

New York Central Park Wedding Portraits

Couple at New York City Hall

Wedding portraits at NYC Central Park

Eloped: New York City Hall / Grooms Suit: Calvin Klein / Grooms Shoes: Steve Madden / Brides Dress: Off the rack at Century 21 / Brides Shoes: Nine West / Hair & Makeup: Ariel Pierce


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